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Karin’s Collection


A fabric collection inspired by the visionary textile artist Karin Larsson and her life at Lilla Hyttnäs.

Carl and Karin Larsson are national icons in Sweden; together they created the foundation for what is considered “Swedish” aesthetics. Light, practical and family friendly interiors. This was not the standard at this time, in the late 1800s when interiors were supposed to be dark with heavy curtains in muted colors. They were rebels! Most people in Sweden know exactly what Carl Larsson’s art looks like but not as many are familiar with Karin Larsson’s textile art. She lived, as most women, in the shadow of her famous husband but she was equally (if not more) talented and they were a creative duo who collaborated on everything in life. She was an excellent artist and textile designer who was not only her husband’s muse but also the creative force and visionaire behind their famous home Lilla Hyttnäs. Karin’s creativity and artistry was an important component in Carl’s paintings and he often depicted Karin and her creations in his art; the personal interior decoration, the bold textiles, the modern furniture – most of which she designed herself.

"Karin’s textiles were so original. Pre-modern in character they introduced a new abstract style in tapestry. Her bold compositions were often executed in vibrant colors and sometimes in black and white when she reinterpreted Japanese motifs. She was technically adventurous, she wanted the hand to be seen in her art and did not care for perfection, nor what society thought of her way of living. I was instantly drawn to this woman; her art , her stubbornness and how she was as a mother. It has been a true honor and joy to dig deep into Karin‘s world and design a collection inspired by her textiles. 

With the support and blessing of the Larsson family, I am proud to present three hand-drawn fabric designs;  Karin’s Portiere, Karin’s Dress and Karin’s Rölakan, based on Karin’s life, work and art. It has been a labor of love and I hope I have made Karin’s legacy justice. "


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Karin’s Portiere

One of Karin’s most famous pieces is the beautiful woven portiere between Karin and Carl’s bedrooms, called The Rose of Love. At the bottom, Karin had woven a few asymmetrical waves which caught Cathy’s attention. Inspired by the overlapping organic shapes and the stream running outside Karin’s bedroom window, she created this abstract, wavey print. Cathy’s waves are vertical instead of horizontal and the color scheme is heavily inspired by Karin with pink, bright red and a darker lavender blue.

Karin’s Dress

Karin was groundbreaking, not only in the way she lived and raised her family. She refused to be confined in corsets and designed her own dresses. Spacious and flowy, with a high neck. Often in patterned fabrics such as stripes and florals. This versatile pattern is inspired by a purple dress that caught Cathy’s eye early on and is still preserved by the Larsson family.

Karin’s Collection

The full collection of ten fabrics hung on the hooks in the famous Larsson hallway. One hook for each family member.

Karin’s Rölakan

Inspired by a small geometric flatweave, acting as a placemat on a side table. The geometric shapes resemble many of the later rölakan rugs, but Karin was early! Cathy was instantly drawn to this piece and wanted to create a fabric that gave the impression of being woven. This was accomplished by designing a small scale geometric print and choosing tone on tone colors in order to create the impression of a woven fabric as opposed to a screen printed one. 

"Karin Larsson’s textiles were unique, often characterized by curiosity, innovation, and an openness to blending traditional techniques and new trends. She mixed traditional Swedish embroidery with techniques from all over the world. Both Karin and Carl were inspired by Japan and you can find Japanese influences all over the house. This, combined with interior decoration that is considered so typically Swedish, makes Lilla Hyttnäs the most unexpected, amazing and inspiring house I have ever been too."

Cathy Nordström