pattern design.

I have had the privilege to work with clients all over the world and see my patterns come to life. Some clients want me to design a new pattern or collection exclusively for them and some choose to browse my existing pattern catalogue and pick suitable patterns from there. 

Both ways of working have their charm! Working according to a brief and creating something very specific and unique for a client is always a great challenge. But is is also wonderful to slow down and draw without a specific client in mind. To be able to create a pattern for no other reason than that I personally like it is very liberating. 

Floral and botanical prints have always been a favorite of mine, I’m drawn to them. But in recent years I have found that I equally enjoy designing a strong graphic print.

When licensing a pattern I tend to use three different ways depending on what you as a client want:



I license the rights to a client, through a written contract, to use my art on their products for a certain period of time. The client pays me royalty of total sale to use my patterns for a specific market, geographic area and time. This would for example be bedding, USA and 12 months. Royalty can differ between 3 % to 15 % depending on the market and the client.


Flat fee.

The contract is the same as a licensing agreement with specifications on what products the pattern will go on, where the product will sell and a time frame for the usage.  I retain full copyright but instead of a royalty percentage, we both agree to a set fee. Most of my small business clients prefer to use this.


Outright sale.

An outright sale means I sell the chosen pattern and the client retains legal right to the pattern and is free to use it as pleased for all future.



Please contact me for a pricing guide and more information on how I work.


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