New adventure ahead.

Dear fellow pattern freaks.

These past weeks, no moths, I have done some real soul searching. I don’t know if it’s a midlife crisis or the fact that I’ve listened to too many podcasts about this one life that we have, that pushed me in this direction. What I do know is that it feels good. If you follow me on Instagram you also know that I really struggle with how social media way too often makes artists feel bad about who they are and what they do. Talented artists getting caught up in how many likes a post gets and what they are doing wrong if something doesn’t get the followers going. These past months I have felt that Instagram is just making me sad. Which is terrible because it’s also a place where I get inspired! I have found some dear friends on Instagram, fellow female artists that I can share very personal parts of my life with. Without judgement, competition or stress. Just the most amazing support, love and lots of laughter.

I have decided to leave the licensing world, the b2b, designer to client world. I started putting down on paper what I loved about my work and what I didn’t love so much about the way I worked. There was one word, circled in and highlighted so many times I laughed out loud. The word was of course PATTERNS. Not illustration, not placement prints, not lettering. Patterns patterns patterns is what makes my heart race.

So what am I going to do instead? I have a hashtag on all of my Instagram posts which is #alifeinpattern. And that is the essence of this new adventure of mine. After a few years designing patterns for others I have come to realize that I want to start my own line of products. Products that I can stand behind 100%, every part of the process and every step of the journey. Patterns that have come to life through a slower design process, patterns that have been created with love and thought. As a mother of three I also started thinking about the manufacturing process of my patterns, I had no control or knowledge of how my patterns came to life on products. Where were the products made, who made them, where they printed in a sustainable way I can stand behind? All of this has made me want to take ownership of the production process. Slower, smaller scale and sustainable.

I have many ideas of what kind of products I would love to see my patterns on. Products I love. Shirts, long skirts and dresses in bold prints are my favorite clothing to wear and maybe one day I will dive into that world but my heart is in home and interior decoration and that is where I will take off! It will take time, I have no previous experience of production and no doubt will this be a process full of trial and error. But it’s been a long time since I felt so inspired and excited about work.

I hope to still be able to collaborate with other brands if the timing and product is right. But for now, I’m gonna do my own thing!

I hope you stick around even if my patterns won’t pop up in your feed as often as before!

Lots of love,