New fabric collection for FIGO.

I am so happy to finally share my debut collection for the amazing FIGO Fabrics. When FIGO asked me to design a fabric collection for them I knew exactly what I wanted to do. For some time now I have been loving and buying Swedish vintage Röllakan rugs. The craftsmanship behind these rugs is astonishing and I wanted to incorporate my fascination and adoration in my new collection.

These hand woven flat weave rugs, so called Röllakan rugs, often showed intricate geometric patterns, sometimes with floral details, and were mostly designed and woven by women. True pieces of art. The most famous artist is probably Märta Måås-Fjetterström who has become an icon and her rugs are very sought after. Some of my other favorite female artists and weavers were Barbo Nilsson, Ingegerd Silow and Judith Johansson. The majority of the rugs were woven between the 1940s and 1960s, but many were woven as early as 1920. These rugs would later find their way into almost every Swedish home and many of them were also commissioned for churches, embassies, offices and public libraries. Today many Swedes still cringe at the sight of them as it brings back memories from the aesthetics of the 60s and 70s. Homes filled with orange and brown floral wallpaper, brown stoneware in the kitchen and these patterned rugs in woven wool. In the 80s and 90s many of them were unfortunately thrown away but today they are experiencing something of a revival, especially abroad, and I am so happy to have four beautiful Röllakan rugs in my possession.

Before I started working on this collection I gathered a bunch of inspirational material and went to thrift shops to see if I could find and document some unique weaving. This is also when I started buying some rugs for myself. In order to make the collection contemporary and my own, I mixed it all up with my kind of florals and I am so happy and pleased with the final result. Hope you like it too!

xx Cathy

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