home decor design consultation.

With a focus on textiles such as fabric, curtains and rugs, on color, and sourcing unique art and vintage furniture, I help clients decorate spaces in their home that they aren’t happy with. 

My style is much like my patterns, a mix of clean and bold. I am very much drawn to Scandinavian craftsmanship and the English sense for textiles and layering with a dash of Middle Eastern textile culture.

As my home decor portfolio isn’t quite ready yet, I encourage you to head over to my Pinterest to get an idea if my style
and inspiration suits your taste.

I have divided my services into three categories:




This package doesn’t require that we meet in person and is therefore suitable for international inquiries. Together we schedule a 20 minute Skype-call where we discuss your current situation and what you need help with. I will ask you to put together a Pinterest board with homes, colors and textiles you like.

Following this I will create a concept board with suggestions for colors, textiles and main furniture.




My medium package consists of the same as the Mini, only this time we start with a home visit where we discuss your needs and wishes. An initial moodboard is created with an overall feel and suggestions. If this is to your liking, I will provide you with a concept board and shopping list with images and links.




The Maxi package is exactly what it sounds like, it’s the Medium with an extra touch. Not only will I help you with textiles, colors and furniture, I will also come with suggestions for art and unique décor objects that make your home stand out. After providing you with the concept boards and shopping list, it also includes a final home visit where we go over the result and see if there is anything more that needs to be done.


recent work.